October 03, 2006
Capitol/EMI Records
Pop/Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Twee Pop

Album Review

On his second album -- released eight years after the well-received Into the Sun-- Sean Lennon displays a talent for memorable tunes and varied arrangements that create a surprising amount of momentum despite the overall midtempo mellowness. Moods shift gently from the unhurried, synth-driven "Parachute" (which echoes Radiohead) to the ragged folk-rock of "Headlights," with its killer off-kilter chord progression, to the haunting "Spectacle," which makes surprisingly subtle use of a string section and Hammond organ. In the eight years between albums, Lennon's voice matured into an expressive instrument capable of nuanced crooning as well as more straight-ahead piano-pop balladry. His songcraft also shows a leap in sophistication, as demonstrated on "Friendly Fire," whose compelling, ascendant melody gives way to a powerful full-band chorus., Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Dead Meat
  2. Wait for Me
  3. Parachute
  4. Friendly Fire
  5. Spectacle
  6. Tomorrow
  7. On Again Off Again
  8. Headlights
  9. Would I Be the One
  10. Falling Out of Love
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