September 24, 1996
Rap, Alternative Rap, Jazz-Rap, East Coast Rap

Album Review

For the Roots' second major-label album, the band apparently recognized the weaknesses of the debut, since there are several songs which provide more structure than previous jam-session efforts -- two even became R&B radio hits. But for all its successes, Illadelph Halflife mostly repeats the long-winded jams and loose improvisatory feel that characterized Do You Want More?!!!??!. And while these songs may sound great live (a field where the Roots excel over any other rap act), in a living-room setting listeners need hooks on which to focus.
John Bush, Rovi

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Respond/React
  3. Section
  4. Panic!!!!!
  5. It Just Don't Stop
  6. Episodes
  7. Push up Ya Lighter
  8. What They Do
  9. ? Vs. Scratch (The Token DJ Cut)
  10. Concerto of Desparado
  11. Clones
  12. UNIverse at War
  13. No Alibi
  14. Dave Vs. Us
  15. No Great Pretender
  16. The Hypnotic
  17. Ital (The Universal Side)
  18. One Shine
  19. The Adventures in Wonderland
  20. Outro
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