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  • Bayla is Good Enough!

    West Island girl Bayla is back with a new song called "Good Enough." Bayla explains the meaning behind the song and what she hopes you take from it. Bayla also grew up listening to Virgin Radio and she explains where she was and what she did the first time she heard her song "Turn It Around" on our airwaves!  Read More
  • CAKE testing BY THE OCEAN with DNCE

    DNCE sat down with #LeeOnAir and things got messy. Read More
  • Coleman Hell's Name Is No Joke!

    Coleman Hell spills the beans that his name really is authentic and why he felt he couldn't just be a regular Joe with a name like that. Coleman lets us in on his love of the banjo and why he has a special place in his heart for Montreal. We're more than just poutine! Read More
  • Lukay's Melting Pot of Sound!

    We're always happy to welcome Montreal artist Lukay to Virgin Radio! Lukay lets us in on the meaning behind his new song "Baby Ya Right" and why he decided to call his latest CD "Melting Pot." He also let's us in on which two artists he'd love to collaborate with and what you can expect to see from his new music video. Read More